DCECU Mobile Banking App Reviews

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Best banking ever

I love DCECU. I have been a member for over a decade and will not ever go anywhere else.


I’ve been a member of this credit union since the late 80s and when I moved it of state in 2014 I did not want to have to close my account thankfully with the mobile app I did not have to.


You gotta fix when I use my fingerprint to log in, after 2 failed attempts I’m now Locked out

Love it.

Love the app and love this credit union. I like that I can use my fingerprint to open up my accounts and if I ever have an issue, the customer service is great.

Outstanding! Easy to use

I appreciate the ease of use and they are prompt in notifying me of anything out of the ordinary arises. Not to mention they are helpful, understanding and pleasant when I do have an issue.

Easy navigation

Thank you for making it so user friendly.

Very convenient

It’s great not having to go the ATM anymore to deposit checks!

Great app!

I love the clean easy to read look. I really appreciate being able to see my credit card balance on the account screen rather than having to log in to a second screen!

Outstanding - Continually improving, works perfectly

As expected of DCECU, the app is top notch. I appreciate that it continues to work flawlessly as they continue to add features. As a very heavy user of mobile devices and mobile apps, I consider this one truly outstanding among its peers.

Works great

Never have an issue getting in Easy to transfer money around in accounts,

Easiest mobile banking app

I use three mobile banking apps and the DCECU app is the easiest to navigate. Clear instructions and user friendly! Convenient and fast—it’s been 2-3 years since I’ve been in a physical office. Nice job DCECU and thank you for making my life easier.

Great service all the way around

Great service inside, on the phone, and on mobile app. Been a member for years and whenever I’ve encountered a problem, everyone I’ve ever dealt with has been professional, polite, and helpful in getting things resolved. Highly recommend this credit union. They’re the best!

Great way to keep up with my account

I'm recently retired and need to keep track of my finances more closely, this app makes it a lot easier.

Great time saver

I’m so grateful to be able to do remote deposits, check balances, and make transfers quickly on my phone.

Lack of mobile transfer out of credit union

App ok, need to be able to transfer to another bank without needing to call. You can do online verification without 20 questions. Always called me promptly, always were very friendly never a bad experience. Just need to move forward with technology. As a iPhone user a fingerprint verification without password is very secure. I never lose or share my fingerprint with anybody. Thanks for your help over the last 47 years that I have been a member. Tom loughney

Great bank!

DCECU is one of the best banks around! So many perks and great promotions!

Love it but ....

Like others I know importance of changing passwords frequently .... but ... As we get older that creates another problem. Either we write it down (BAD BAD) or forget and make the help call (ALSO BAD) which can be overheard or intercepted ... cells especially problematic ... don’t think hackers have the ability? Well think again, they can buy that technology and record my entire apartment complex. Voice to text then search on “password” .... simple! So why not let Apples facial recognition alleviate the need to change so frequently or not at all for us IOS users!? Love this app!!

Love it except...

Would like the ability to transfer $ to another member’s account

Works great.

Works better than many other financial apps out there (I’m looking at you Quicken). Mobile check deposit is fantastic. Fingerprint access is great. My only complaint is that they force you to change your password occasionally, which is counterproductive since it may force you to write it down.

Great App for Accessing Your Account

I’ve been using the DCECU app for years and never have a problem. Love being able to submit checks without going to an ATM or the main office.

Love this App

I never go to the Credit Union anymore because I can do everything using this app. I live 2 hours away from DCECU so this is very convenient!

Very helpful and friendly

Never a problem except being locked out a couple a times. I mistype the keys at times or forgot the ‘new’ password. Customer service ladies were very helpful and kind and I was back in no time. Do not care about changing password every year. That another problem; however, I do appreciate the fact that it’s for my protection. Memory is getting to be a problem nowadays.


I am very happy with the service and convenience of this app and the flexibility I have to manage my credit union accounts. I live out of state and this allows me to do all the things I need to do on a regular basis.

Easy Peasy

I love this app. It is very versatile and easy to use.

Great App

I’ve never had an issue with the app. I did get locked out of it once or twice due to my husband forgetting the password but even the customer service ladies where very nice and I was back up and running in 5 minutes or less. I love the new updates as well. Makes life so much easier!

Great mobile app

I live in another state now but wanted to stay with the DCECU for the great service. This app lets me handle all my normal banking duties regardless of location. Really like the bill pay and mobile check deposit features.

The new version is nice

I really like the updates!

Still cannot log in

It used to work, current version gives a 500 error when trying to log in.

Was a good app...

I used to love this app. It was great to check my account and manage it from my phone. However, the newest version seems to have broken it. After trying to do a transfer the app froze. Once force quitting the app it is now incredibly slow and will not show transactions from the past 30-days. Was very convenient now it's a pain. Once these bugs are fixed I'm sure I'll love the app again.

Great App

Works very well, I've had it installed on my iPhone and iPad for several months and am very pleased. Some limitations compared to the DCECU web site, but as far as a mobile app, it's very good.

So convenient

Just made my first mobile check deposit ... I am going to love this app. The graphing utility is a neat concept but would actually be useful if it showed where expenses were incurred so you can see where your money goes.


Fantastic job!! Love mobile deposit and the various updates with new features Keep up the good work.

Not a breeze

This app was not easy to log into. I thought I was relatively tech savy. Apparently I missed something in the fine print. I kept getting an error with the password I entered even after entering the one time PIN. Now I am locked out of my account and have to wait for the CU to open before I can access my account and transfer funds. There goes trying to make an easy transaction without logging into my PC.

Well Laid Out, User Friendly

Works well and is concise and easy to use. No problems installing on my iPhone and iPad.

Mobile banking

Finally!!! I absolutely love this!!! Everything is so easily accessed! Well done DCECU! love love love!

Great app!

Thanks for making a very user friendly app!

Nice job

This app is going to save me time. Nicely done my CU!

Excellent and easy to use.

Has great features and was a breeze to load on my iPhone and iPad.

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